White Chase Smoker

Commodore at Navy HQ. Endowed with powers from the Plume-Plume Fruit that let him turn his body into smoke. So much of a heavy smoker that he's always smoking two cigars. Rides a Blower Bike that is powered by smoke and can be used on both land and water.


No. 268
Type DEX
Class Striker
Class 2 Driven


Max Lv. 99
Cost 20
EXP to Max 2.000.000
Sockets 3


HP 2215
ATK 1282
RCV 338


Special: White Out

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Reduces damage by 50% for 3 turns


Level Turn
1 22
MAX - 8 15

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Smoke Body

Reduces damage taken by 25%




Evolve arrow sm
Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • Smoker is decent, though not great. His strongest suite is his high statline, which often find him a place as a DEX beatstick on Striker teams (the only Striker with better stats is the Legend Croc), or due to his low cost, on Sengoku teams (the only DEX character with <20 cost with better stats is tank Zoro and his special is even worse). His special is on the weaker side - 50% means you will still take a lot of damage, and spreading it out over 3 turns just means the odds are good some of it is going to get wasted, which is why for damage reduction specials like Alvida's are considered much superior. His captain's ability is junk. He can be socketed and his special maxed from his own CD.
  • Sockets: chose three from the usual five of Auto-Heal, Matching Orbs, Charge Specials, Anti-Lock and Anti-Despair. Which ones? As usual, no perfect solution, go with what you think you need or what the RNG gods give you.
  • Final evolution of the story mode Smoker and the hardest to obtain with the previous evolution needing 3 million EXP to max his levels.
  • This character may be needed for missions on his story island, but currently it is unknown when, if ever, such missions will be released.

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