Tony Tony Chopper Post-Rampage

Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a reindeer that ate the Human-Human Fruit and became a human-reindeer hybrid. If he eats 3 Rumble Balls, he transforms into a frightening monster.


No. 249
Type STR
Class Fighter
Class 2 Powerhouse


Max Lv. 99
Cost 50
EXP to Max 5.000.000
Sockets 2


HP 3660
ATK 1500
RCV −900


Special: Rampage

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Deals random STR damage (between 2.000 and 200.000) to one enemy


Level Turn
1 30
MAX - 16 15

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Impending Rampage

Greatly reduces STR characters’ HP (reduced by 60%) and boosts their ATK by 3x




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • Also known as Monster Chopper, or MC.
  • This is a great unit, used as a captain for many missions, particularly against DEX enemies, but it does require that you know what you are doing. If you run an all-STR team, your HP total will be nerfed to 3-4k, meaning you cannot tank many hits. If you need to increase your HP total, you can run non-STR units like Usopp Usopp Golden Pound or Hawk Eyes Mihawk, through they won't be good at attacking. General idea while running a MC team is - don't take any hits, kill everything you can.
  • If you need to take hits, for example during Hannyabal’s Great Ambition FN, you can cancel them using an ability like that of Iron-Mace Alvida Smooth-Smooth Fruit.
  • His negative-RCV can be actually an asset for teams which do not want to gain health by accident (think Whitebeard).
  • Easy to socket like all raid bosses. Sockets to chose from? The usual five choices are valid. Since speed is often an essence, Charge Specials is a good idea here. Anti-Bind, Anti-Despair, Matching Orbs are all good. Auto-Heal is fun, but generally you should not even be taking those hits, so probably the least recommended.

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