Hi Everybody, 

Firstable, I'm sorry for my bad english ! I'm a new french player !

I'm p-lvl 45 with some good characters like Vista, Vergo, Arlong... and that's all. 

And this is my question: I can upgrade my arlong, but if i do this he will returns to lvl1, so how can i train him speedly to hard level ? I know here are turtles but those are hard to drop in the story... Do you have a special method (with the characters you drop in the story for exemple) ? 

I'm a little sad to have to train him with just characters level 5-10 because it's a long way. 

What's your best advice please ?


The game is about farming. Learn how to farm turtles efficiently. See Turtles for a guide. Good luck, Piotrus (talk) 19:43, January 5, 2017 (UTC)

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