Shanks Black Clad Emperor

Captain of the Red-Hair Pirates, and one of the Four Emperors, a group that is one of the world’s three major powers. He dislikes unnecessary conflict and is greatly respected, even by the Marines. Also known as “Red-Haired Shanks.”


No. 530
Type PSY
Class Slasher
Class 2 Cerebral


Max Lv. 99
Cost 55
EXP to Max 5.000.000
Sockets 5


HP 3140
ATK 1400
RCV 418


Special: Conqueror’s Haki: Emperor

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Deals 35x character’s ATK in PSY damage to all enemies and reduces their DEF to 0 for two turns


Level Turn
1 25
MAX - 6 20

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Emperor’s Haki – Shanks

Increases chances of getting PSY slots and boosts PSY characters’ ATK. The higher HP is before attacking, the greater the ATK boost
The exact multiplier used to compute the damage is proportional to the crew's remaining HP and is higher the higher the HP is. The multiplier is calculated as 2 + 0.75 * (remaining HP) / (total HP). At full health the boost is equal to 2.75x, with 1 HP left to 2x.

Sailor Ability:





Evolve arrow sm
Evolve arrow sm
Amber Crystal Skull

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • Also known as SW Shanks because... (quite possibly for the same reason Portgas D. Ace Black Clad Division Commander is known as SW Ace, see explanation there - and comment if this is right or wrong here).
  • SW Shanks has a reputation as one of the weaker legends. Still, he is undisputably good for clearing almost anything with an INT boss.
  • It is estimated that a single SW Shanks will roughly double the chance of matching orbs (from 18% to 34%) and consequently slightly lower tha chances of bad orbs (from 16% to 13%). Another estimate for Double SW Shanks, with lv 3 matching orbs (a 7% increase in itself), plus Red Force ship, should give you a slightly over 80% chance of PSY orbs. As a rule of thumb, one Shanks should give you ~2 PSY orbs, and double Shanks, ~4-5.
    • This has been confirmed by mechanic analysis here: When using two Shanks captains, having Level 3 matching orb sockets, and are using the Red Force ship, PSY/Cerebral characters will have an 87% chance to get a PSY orb every turn!
  • His super evolution Red-Haired Shanks Emperor is of course considered superior, and while there are small differences (this Shanks does damage to all units, and has +1 turn of 0-DEF), they are not really major. His SE will GUARANTEE all matching orbs for the burst (no need to gamble anymore), doesn't look ATK power with lower health, and you don't have to stall for the ridiculous min 20 turns anymore. Ok, if you get a dupe Legend Shanks, you may keep him, through it is hard to say he will ever be useful, given the option of using his SE instead. For your first Shanks, super evolve him ASAP with no regrets.
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