Sabo Revolutionary Army

Chief of staff in the Revolutionary Army. The son of Goa Kingdom nobility, the shame he felt for his nation and its nobility drove him to set out to sea, but a Celestial Dragon quickly destroyed his ship. Dragon the revolutionary saved his life, and he wound up joining his force.


No. 669
Type PSY
Class Free Spirit
Class 2 Striker


Max Lv. 99
Cost 55
EXP to Max 5.000.000
Sockets 5


HP 2985
ATK 1422
RCV 451


Special: Dragon's Claw

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Boosts ATK for Free Spirit characters by 1.5x for 1 turn. If all crewmembers get PERFECTs, doubles Free Spirit characters’ ATK for the next turn


Level Turn
1 20
MAX - 7 14

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Nobleman Searching for Freedom

Boosts crew’s HP and RCV by a small amount (by 1.2x), and boosts ATK of Free Spirit characters by varying amounts, depending on HP remaining before attack begins
The exact multiplier used to compute the damage is proportional to the crew's remaining HP and is higher the higher the HP is. The multiplier is calculated as 2 + 0.75 * (remaining HP) / (total HP). At full health the boost is equal to 2.75x, with 1 HP left to 2x




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • Sadly, one of the more disappointing Legends. Good stats and 5 sockets, but his special and CA are problematic. His special requires all perfect to raise above the level of "ok", a challenging feat for new players, and a bit to luck dependent for experienced ones. As a captain, he becomes weaker as you take damage, meaning that you cannot tank/stall very effectively. He is not bad... it is just that he is more on the level of your average RR unit than that of other legends.
  • Guides: Reddit
  • Farmable socket locations:

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