Sabo Mt. Corvo’s Brothers 3, Cup of Sworn Brotherhood

Son of a nobleman from Goa Kingdom. He swore an oath of brotherhood with Ace and Luffy and dreams of writing about his travels. His ship was destroyed when he crossed paths with a Celestial Dragon.


No. 513
Type PSY
Class Striker
Class 2 Free Spirit


Max Lv. 70
Cost 18
EXP to Max 1,066,998
Sockets 3


HP 951
ATK 460
RCV 450


Special: Sneaky Punk Kid Strike

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Greatly raises chances of PSY slots appearing and lowers chances of INT slots appearing for 3 turns


Level Turn
1 15
MAX - 1 15

Manual Location

Captain Ability: He’s Still Our Brother! Take Care of Him.

Boosts PSY characters’ ATK by 1.5x, protects crew from defeat for one turn as long as HP is over a certain amount (above 50%).
The protection only works when attacked by one single enemy and will leave the team with at least 1 HP; the effect will not work when attacked by multiples enemies at once.




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain


  • Also known as Kid Sabo.
  • Good: captain ability that could place him in the zombie team, 3 sockets.
  • Good special: It is estimated his special raises the chance or good orbs similar to Thatch's, so ~50%. Not sure how much it decrease the chance of bad orbs.
  • Bad: his terrible, terrible stats. This, plus the fact that he is very difficult to pull (since few people pull during non-Sugos, and his kid brothers suck) means he is so rare he doesn't feature much in any strategy, as nobody reasonably expects to have him. Unfortunately, PSY teams generally have orb generation covered with Shanks Black Clad Emperor, and his Red Force ship. If you want PSY orbs, you'll probably pull for Shanks during Sugos when you can get other legend too, instead during the Kid brothers events.
  • If you do have him and use him, do comment on his usefulness.

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