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Rare Recruit ListEdit

Players can summon a character of ★★★ rarity and better, for 5 Gems. This includes already evolved characters, skipping the work needed to fuse and level characters. Some of these characters cannot be captured, so spending Gems is the only way to acquire these units.

Periodically the Tavern will shift the chances to recruit certain characters. This is usually in preparation of certain events, usually called the Sugo-Fest Events, and the Rare Recruit portal will favor a particular type much more than others.

It is recommended to use Rare Recruit only during the Sugo-Fests, as it has higher chances of drawing better characters, and THE ONLY time you can draw a 6-star sugo rare character. You will always pull them as their 5-star counterpart, but you can soon evolve them to their 6-star evolutions.

There are some rare cases at which you can pull a 6-star sugo rare character if it's a guarenteed pull like G4 luffy.