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2016 banner

"Pirates In Bloom" (2016 name) or "Voyage to Cherry Blossoms" (2017 name) is a special Rare Recruit Rate Up event. In this event you have higher chances to recruit Special Straw Hat in Bloom forms as exclusive characters, and other characters . This event was named "Voyage to Cherry Blossoms" the second time it appeared in 2017, at which point two new characters were added (Sugar and Monet).

As usual, you can access this event through the Tavern.

This event lasts only 1 week.

Event Periods:

  • 1st (Pirates In Bloom): Nov.10 2015 (19:00) - Nov.17 2015 (18:59) PST
  • 2nd (Voyage to Cherry Blossoms): March 30 2017 (19:00) - April 4 (18:59) PST

Event Exclusive Characters

During this event you can recruit event exclusive characters, which you can't obtain in other ways. Those exclusive characters are affected by rate up.

Pirates In Bloom exclusive characters list:

Voyage to Cherry Blossoms characters list:

Complete Rate Up List during 2015 Pirates in BloomEdit

Nami Blossom Climate
Brook Cherry Blossom Melody 
Nico Robin Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom 
Monkey D. Luffy Gear Third
Portgas D. Ace Flame Mirror
Roronoa Zoro Lion's Song
Sanji Diable Jambe Flambe
Red-Haired Shanks

Nami Blossom Cloud
Brook Cherry Blossom Hair
Nico Robin Cherry Blossoms Falling
Monkey D. Luffy Gum-Gum Balloon
Portgas D. Ace
Zoro Streaming Wolf Swords
Mr. Prince Veau Shot
Usopp Impact