Navy Ship

Ship 0003 c
A ship from the Navy's fleet, complete with large-bore cannon on the prow. Some ships have been customized with special weaponry, depending on the commanders captaining them.


Ship Level Ship Ability Cola Needed
1Boosts shooter ATK by 10 -
2Boosts shooter ATK by 20 6
3Boosts shooter ATK by 30 6
4Boosts shooter ATK by 40 7
5Boosts shooter ATK by 50 10
6Boosts shooter ATK by 60
Boosts crew HP 1.2x
7Boosts shooter ATK by 70
Boosts crew HP 1.2x
8Boosts shooter ATK by 80
Boosts crew HP 1.2x
9Boosts shooter ATK by 90
Boosts crew HP 1.2x
10Boosts shooter ATK by 100
Boosts crew HP 1.5x

How to Obtain

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