Monkey D. Luffy Gear Third

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. His "Gear" skill lets him temporarily boost his body's abilities, although it has the side effect of shrinking him afterward.


No. 217
Type STR
Class Fighter
Class 2 Free Spirit


Max Lv. 99
Cost 22
EXP to Max 4.000.000
Sockets 2


HP 2960
ATK 1303
RCV 105


Special: Gum-Gum Giant Rifle

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Deals 15x character’s ATK in STR damage to all foes


Level Turn
1 25
MAX - 6 20

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Giant Power

Boosts ATK by 3.5x when characters land 3 Perfect attacks in a row

Sailor Ability:





Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain


  • This character, or any other variation of Luffy, is needed to complete a mission on Missions: Fushia Village.
  • This character, or any other variation of Luffy, is needed to complete a mission on Missions: Shells Town.
  • Also known as G3 Luffy, and less often as v2 Luffy (since he was the second Luffy released on global).
  • His special is different from his unevolved version, so you cannot use Balloon Luffy special to level G3.
  • He was considered to be one of the best RR captains, released in the first 'real RR' batch of early 2015. As long as you are confident in your perfects (no easy feat for newbies...), he allows you to lead rainbow teams, free of class, cost and color restrictions, that can clear a lot of end-game content. Forward few years (2018), he is still good, but there is an increasing pool of RR captains that offer roughly comparable damage output with less reliance on hitting perfects (G3 is pretty unforgiving here).
  • G3 teams have a higher damage output than teams led by 2.5x ATK captain teams (again, assuming you'll hit your perfects). See images: here and here for some idea what that means.
  • G3's big weakness is his forgettable special. A bit of damage to all enemies - this hasn't aged well. G3 was never a good sub (outside of being an ok beastick), and today his special is undeniably one of the weakest RR specials in the game. Again, his vintage (first ever batch of RRs) shows here, modern RRs can do '15x ATK damage to all enemies' on top of at least one more much more useful ability.
  • Totally replaceable by superior on nearly all counts by LL, aka Legend/Log Luffy (who has better stats, better special, better captain ability=damage output, and more sockets). Of course, LL these days is not that OP compared to many newer legends.
  • How to socket him? The usual dilemma: Anti-Bind, Anti-Despair, Charge Special, Matching Orbs and Auto-Heal are all good. Take whatever you need for your team. AB and AD are probably the most must-have's, with Charge Special being the least needed.