Example of Bat flying on Fushia Village, where missions are available.

You can access Missions in the Adventure screen, tapping an island where the bat is flying.


Missions let you earn special rewards by completing certain set goals in an area. Goals can include things like:

  • Use a certain character to defeat a certain enemy.
  • Earn a certain amount of Beli
  • Clear a quest with a crew that has a certain crew cost.
Missions button

You can access Missions here.

Tapping individual Missions will allow you to check out the details. Read the criteria carefully before you try to complete the mission.


  • Criteria you've met before Missions released will not be counted towards completion of a Mission.
  • Criteria you meet during quests will not count towards a Mission unless you clear the quest.

Available MissionsEdit

Here is a list of the available Missions:

No new missions have been added to the game for over a year, so don't ask when we will get Missions:Arlong Park. The answer is 'nobody knows, and probably not anytime soon'. And no, Japanese version (which is always ahead of Global in content) doesn't have them, either.

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