Miss Love Duck
Miss Love
Miss Love Duck
A ship with a duck on its bow and a heart on its mast. The cabin boy keeps it clean from top to bottom. It is captained by Iron Club Alvida.


Ship Level Ship Ability Cola Needed
1Reduces damage taken by 1% -
2Reduces damage taken by 2% 3
3Reduces damage taken by 3% 3
4Reduces damage taken by 4% 5
5Reduces damage taken by 5% 5
6Reduces damage taken by 6% 7
7Reduces damage taken by 7%
Boosts striker ATK by 50
8Reduces damage taken by 8%
Boosts striker ATK by 50
9Reduces damage taken by 9%
Boosts striker ATK by 50
10Reduces damage taken by 10%
Boosts striker ATK by 100

How to Obtain

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