Marco the Phoenix

1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Also known as "Marco the Phoenix." Endowed with the powers of a Devil Fruit, he is able to transform into a phoenix. In his phoenix form, he can withstand any attack and regenerate any wounds.


No. 251
Type PSY
Class Fighter
Class 2 Powerhouse


Max Lv. 99
Cost 28
EXP to Max 4.000.000
Sockets 4


HP 2258
ATK 1100
RCV 390


Special: Blue Flame Rebirth

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Completely heals crew


Level Turn
1 30
MAX - 11 20

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Phoenix Aura

Triples PSY characters’ ATK as long as HP is full before attacking




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain


  • Short version: He is the only character with a super-useful full-heal special. Useful captain too, and good stats: TOP TIER CHARACTER.
  • Marco is an extremely useful character, easily rivaling his legendary version (at least a sub). His full heal makes tank teams twice as durable, and when you add Moby Dick, it effectively triples the tank, effectively in the range of ~100k HP, give or take 10-20k depending on team combination. Of course you will want to max out his special, doh.
  • He can fit in all tank teams, but he is of course best with the captains that empower him: Garp the Fist and Knight of the Sea Jinbe are some of those.
  • Socketing guide: 4 sockets means chose 4 out of 5 good ones (Anti-Lock, Anti-Despair, Auto-Heal, Matching Orbs, Charge Specials). No perfect choice, either chose your favorites or let RNG help you. Keep in mind you don't want Anti-Despair on most Blackbeard teams...
  • He sees some use as a captain, too. A PSY lead against INT turtles, that's one, and sometimes, he is used as a lead for high damage PSY teams against INT bosses (ex. in Clash!! Zephyr!). Risky, but can work.

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