Humming Swordsman Brook

The Straw Hat Pirates' musician. His swordsmanship with the hidden sword in his cane is world class. After his exploits at Thriller Bark, the zombies there came to fear him. Also known as "Humming Brook."


No. 424
Type QCK
Class Slasher
Class 2 Free Spirit


Max Lv. 99
Cost 20
EXP to Max 3.000.000
Sockets 1


HP 2108
ATK 980
RCV 332


Special: Lullaby Parry

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Heals crew by 4,343 HP and halves all enemies’ DEF for 2 turns


Level Turn
1 24
MAX - 10 15

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Hope for Twin Cape

Prevents defeat and boosts crew’s ATK by 1.5x as long as crew has a large amount of HP before enemy’s attack (Above 70% of total team health)
The protection only works when attacked by one single enemy and will leave the team with at least 1 HP; the effect will not work when attacked by multiples enemies at once.




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • Overall, weak, usable if niche: mediocre stats QCK slasher with only 1 socket. He still sees some use as a F2P slasher, who can heal you in dire straits. Halving enemy's DEF is a relatively weak effect, but it doesn't hurt.
  • His captain ability, sadly, was not as good as Roronoa Zoro Lion’s Song or such for zombie teams, as it requires that you heal to 70%+ of your health each turn, and that's a tall order. Which is why he was not really considered a viable zombie captain... until we got Rocketman. This made a new type of team viable: Brook+Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Dream: Pirate King, Imposter Straw Hat Pirates, or some others, no powerhouse characters on your team, subs such as Raid Sabo, Shiryu, health cutters, Sugar and at least lvl 1 or 2 auto heal (depends on your total HP).
  • Similar characters: Yokozuna

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