Hawk Eyes Mihawk

One of the Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea, fabled to be the best swordsman in the world. Travels the world on his small Coffin Boat with the all-powerful black blade "Night" on his back. Shanks was his rival until he lost his left arm.


No. 227
Type DEX
Class Slasher


Max Lv. 99
Cost 50
EXP to Max 5.000.000
Sockets 1


HP 3760
ATK 1285
RCV 15


Special: Black Blade Ship Cutter

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Reduces enemies’ HP by 30%


Level Turn
1 32
MAX - 16 17

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Black Blade Strike

Boosts Slasher characters’ ATK by 2.5x

Sailor Ability:





Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

  • Only through Evolution


  • This character, or any other variation of Mihawk, is needed to complete a mission on Missions: Baratie.
  • Also known as Raidhawk
  • The first raid (clash) boss.
  • And he still rocks. Good stats, very good captain ability, and awesome special. Yeah, he is crippled by a single socket, but he still sees a lot of play both as a captain, and as a sub.
  • How to socket him? The usual dilemma: Anti-Bind, Anti-Despair, Charge Special, Matching Orbs and Auto-Heal are all good (and don't you dare put anything else on him!). Auto-Heal helps in Forests of Training. Everything is fine, and frankly, advanced and dedicated players have been known to fully max 2+ Mihawks, for different sockets, since ideally you would want all five :D Which one to start with, no, there is no good answer. Choose your favorite.
  • Since new players are not familiar with mechanics: a health cut counts the enemy's current life, so you should usually use it on the first round against a boss, before you attack, to maximize the amount of damage done.
  • The other 30% health cuts released so far are Whitebeard, Blackbeard Blackbeard Pirate Captain, and Edward Newgate Great Pirate Whitebeard.
  • Often paired with Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea for more HP. Both can lead what is often refered to as the classic rainbow slasher team.
  • Likes his own boat, the Coffin Boat :)

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