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The Tavern allows players to recruit characters to their roster by spending Gems or Friend Points, to refill stamina, to expand the character box and to purchase rainbow gems.

Rainbow GemsEdit

Icon evilfruit

This purchasable item can be a big help during your adventure. Use Rainbow Gems for the following effects:

  • Continue battle after a Game Overc
  • Recover Stamina when you've run out
  • Unlock more slots for your characters
  • Obtain allies with rarity ★3 or higher on a Rare Recruit

Refill StaminaEdit

You can use 1 Rainbow Gem to fully restore your Stamina. Restored stamina will in fact "overflow" adding your maximum value to your current one (so if you restore while having 10 stamina while your max is 100 you will temporarily get 110). Note that when stamina overlows it is marked in yellow and stops regenerating until you get below your max (usually stamina regenerates at the rate of 1 point every 5 minutes until your maximum is reached).

Expand Character BoxEdit

You can use 1 Rainbow Gem to raise the maximum number of characters you can possess. Each Gem earns you five extra character slots. The max for characters in your box is increases every few month with in-game updates. From March to early June 2016 it was 600; from early June 2016 it is 800.

FP RecruitEdit

You can use Friend Points (200 points per search) to recruit new ally characters! Here is a list of FP Recruits. Every few months the quality of FP Recruit will raise for a short wile during an event which allows you to get better drops. It is advisable to keep your points until such an event happens.

Rare RecruitEdit

You can use 5 Rainbow Gems to obtain one rare ally! Here is a list of Rare Recruits. Every two weeks or so there is a special Sugo-Fest Event. During those events you have a small chance of obtaining very rare characters not available otherwise. It is advisable to do Rare Recruit only during Sugo-Fests Events.

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