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Mix and match available characters to create a unique pirate crew of your very own!

Edit CrewEdit

You can create up to eight crews, each with up to five party members. You can't have multiples of the same character in those five characters (ex. no two Luffy's). This restriction does not apply to a friend captain, however (he can be a duplicate of a character in your crew).

Edit crew

When building a crew, you have to make sure that the Current Cost of your characters doesn't exceed the Total Cost for the crew. The Total Cost goes up as you gain Pirate Levels (+1 by every two levels).

You can (and should) create a maximum of 8 different crews. You should have 8 different captains to help your friends find different friend captains; this will also help you find them more easily for times when you want to have a crew led by a captain and a different friend captain.


This allows you to exchange characters in your possession for beli. Once you sell a character, you can't get them back.


Do not sell any Rare Recruit units. (They should be traded for Training Points at the Bazaar instead).

Power UpEdit

Power up your characters to build up their experience points! Once they earn enough, their level will go up, boosting their strength! Resource characters used to power up other characters will disappear. Choose the carefully!

Power Up

Combine identical characters together to power the character up and earn an experience bonus!

You will usually use like turtles or pigs to power up characters. Make sure to evolve the pigs first.

Power Up SpecialEdit

You can Power Up your Specials by using a Manual (aka Skillbook) or a character with the same Special (this means the special name, not just it's effect! In other words, a pre-evolved or evolved version of the very same character) when you Power Up the character!

You'll have a set chance of Powering Up a Special every time you do this.

If a character's Special changes after Evolving, the new Special will start at level 1.

You can see a list of available Manuals here: Manuals List.

The chance for each manual/character to level up your special is the same (it does not matter how many you use, each is resolved separately). Each manual/character has about 12.5% chance to level up a special (source:[1]). You should wait for Double Skill-Up times (they come about once a month now) where the chances are doubled before trying to power the skills of your best characters.

Almighty Manuals are universal skillbooks. Use them with care on units who are super-hard to acquire regular books/copies for.

Evolve/Super EvolveEdit

Combine a character whose level is at max with certain special characters to create an evolved character! Only certain characters can be evolved once they reach their maximum level.


In addition to the max level of base character, evolving requires some evolvers. An evolved character cannot be devolved back to its prior form. After evolving, the character will return to level 1. If the evolved character's special is different then the original one's, the special level will be reset to 1. This usually doesn't matter as the new characters are almost always strictly better than the old ones (major exception: Usopp Usopp Golden Pound - do not evolve him until you know the game well. And if you are reading this, we will just mention two other characters you should not evolve: Roronoa Zoro Streaming Wolf Swords and Nami Mirage Tempo).

Super Evolving is a bit different. It requires special materials (skulls), can be applied to non-max level characters, will preserve character's level and special level (even though the special is different). You can also de-super evolve a character, though there is no conceivable reason to do so. A super-evolved character will have a rarity of 5+ or 6+. Only a small fraction of characters can super evolve. Be warned - the super evolved + characters can be devolved back to their base 5 or 6-star forms through evolve menu. This is never advisable and is a stupid feature that should be removed. as it serves no conceivable purpose except potentially allowing people to make a very costly and annoying mistake.

Also, if you are a new player, be sure to read the above-linked article about skulls and understand the difference between skulls needed for 5+ Straw Hats and skulls needed for 6+ legends. They are NOT the same, and you want to understand that before you make a costly mistake..

Character BoxEdit

Contain all the characters you own. Character box has a maximum capacity that can be expanded using Rainbow Gems through Tavern.

Maximum capacity is increasing over time, every few months we get a 100+ more space available. It takes 1 gem to get 5 extra slots.

Character box


You'll get to pick out a ship when going out on an adventure. Ships can be obtained once you make it through enough adventures! You can also upgrade them here.

Each ship has a different Ship Ability such as “Boosts captain’s RCV by 40”, which you can use to aid your crew in battle, equip ships through "Edit Crew".

Like Captain Abilities, Ship Abilities activate automatically.

Check Category:Ship for available ships in the game.


Cola is required in order to grade up your ship. You can occasionally get Cola while out on adventures! Transponder Snails are a useful daily source of cola.

Voyage LogEdit

Voyage log
  • Story Log, this lets you view the story sequences (conversations) from adventures you've already completed.
  • Character Log, this lets you view the characters you've obtained in your adventures.


See Rayleigh's Bazaar

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