Gameplay | Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy feature has been added with the new 2.2 game version.

With this ingame item you can raise your character's max possible amount for a given stat.

You may only apply 100 Cotton Candy upgrades maximum, to any given stat, and 200 Cotton Candy upgrades overall.


There are 4 types of Cotton Candy:

  • CottonHP Cotton Candy HP Power Up - Raises HP by 5 points.
  • CottonATK Cotton Candy ATK Power Up - Raises ATK by 2 points.
  • CottonRCV Cotton Candy RCV Power Up - Raises RCV by 1 point.
  • CottonALL Cotton Candy ALL Power Up - Raises HP by 5, ATK by 2 and RCV by 1.

Farming Cotton CandiesEdit

You can find Cotton Candy as a rare drop on Twin Cape and every island afterwards. When it drops, it does so in a gold chest (unlike the usual wooden one which contains Cola).

Cotton Candy is also occasionally available during certain limited-time special events (in particular, Restaurant Le Crap), Coliseum, some Rankings and so on.


Q: Is there a cap of how much Cotton Candy / stat boosts can a character have?

A: A character can have up to 200 total cotton candy applied to a character. Each stat is capped at 100, so a maxed CC character can have for example +100ATK and +100HP or +50ATK, +50HP and +100RCV, etc..

Q: Whom should I feed CC to?

A: Read the new players guide for details but in short: RCV goes to Eneru, and HP and ATK to captains that double ATK and HP like Zoro .

Q: If I feed a character with a stat boost to another character, is the stat boost lost?

A: Nope, the new character which receive all the stat boosts (from Cotton Candies and other sources) that the old one had. This is a common strategy to save space as well as reduce costs. It's far cheaper to feed CC to an evolver than your level 90 unit. Read the said guide, we discuss it there in detail.

Q: I hear there is a trick related to reducing beli costs / saving box space while feeding CC to a character? How does it work?

A: Short versions: feed multiple CC to an evolver, then feed the evolver to a high-level (usually, MAXed) character. This way you only pay the beli cost of feeding one evolver instead of x candy. You also get to save box space by putting all that candy in the evolver. Feeding CC to an evolver is usually cheaper than feeding CC to a MAX level character. You do lose some EXP though. See the CC section at the new player guide linked above for a detailed explanation of how this works.

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