Forest of Training announcement

Forests of Training are high difficulty, 0 stamina, 20-stages long battles permanently available at the Extra Isle. Upon completion, the player receives a special item, usually a new ship (and a rainbow gem). A new Forest of Training is added to the game every few months.

In those quests you won't obtain any reward from the enemies except the one-time clear reward for each stage (ship+gem). You cannot use a gem to revive upon defeat, it's do-or-die.

List of forestsEdit

Currently the following Forests are available on Global:

The following forests are not yet available on Global, but are available in Japanese version of the game (and likely will become available on Global in the future):

There was one older forest which have been removed from the game. It provided no reward. See Training Forest (no treasure).


While in-game, all Forests are ranked equally in terms of difficulty, in practice older forests are easier. Hawk, Beard and Flame Fist are considered easiest. Several forests can also be completed with reasonably forgiving zombie-teams if you have the right subs and/or ships.