Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea

Captain of the Donquixote Pirates, and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Endowed with powers from the String-String Fruit, he can use threads emitted from his body to restrain and control others. He wields Conqueror's Haki and Armament Haki, and has great influence in the underworld.


No. 418
Type DEX
Class Slasher
Class 2 Driven


Max Lv. 99
Cost 50
EXP to Max 4.000.000
Sockets 2


HP 2311
ATK 1500
RCV 255


Special: Overheat

Click to see characters with matching specials

Doubles slot effects for 1 turn and allows you to freely swap slots twice


Level Turn
1 28
MAX - 15 14

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Charismatic Evil

Doubles Slasher characters’ ATK and HP




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain



  • God tier character
  • Also known as RaidDoffy
  • Seriously, he is awesome. His only weakness is only 2 sockets. Aside of that, you get: 1) one of the highest ATK stats in the game, and highest for a DEX character 2) First ever rainbow tank ability, making him a good captain either in Double RaidDoffy teams or when paired with Hawk Eyes Mihawk 3) and best of all, an awesome special. 14 turn CD that pretty much gurantees several matching slots, and either way they will be boosted by 2x, the highest possible multiplier.
  • What that means is that you'll find Doffy on a recommended character list not only for Slasher teams, on which he has a pretty much obligatory spot, but also in all manner of other burst teams, even in Sengoku ones - which means that just like Usopp Usopp Golden Pound he is considered good enough to run just for his ability, even if his stats won't be boosted (but unlike Usopp, on Slasher/Driven/DEX teams he is also a great beatstick).
  • How to socket him? The usual choice of 5 good sockets means that there is no good choice. Dedicated players may try to eventually max multiple Doffy's to have different options. For your first one, chose whatever you think you need the most. Hint: Auto-Heal can help you in the forests of training.

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