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Decisive Battle! Hawk Eyes Mihawk Banner
Quest Boss Difficulty Conditions Notable Captures/Drops
Clash!! Mihawk - Warm Up


Clash!! Mihawk - Killing Time




  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first clear of all difficulties.
  • Former 24 hours Limited-Time Event. Now available for challenging 24/7 from Clash!! Collection
  • You can recruit Mihawk at 100% probability beating Master difficulty
  • Drop rate at Expert difficulty is not known, but estimated to be around 30-40%

Tips on How to Beat Hawk Eyes MihawkEdit


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Clash!! Mihawk was the first clash (raid) ever released in the game. As such, it is also the easiest, and completing it is even part of the Rookie Chopperman Missions. It was challenging in 2015 (yes, that's when the game was released), but with each passing year and the usual power creep in new units, it is becoming easier and easier, and if you cannot clear this, it means you haven't read our FAQ/Tips linked above, you cannot clear 30-stamina fortnights consistently (if at all), and you don't know squat about basics such as building a team, and perhaps even evolving/leveling up units (oh, and are you using a ship that gives you 1.5x ATk boost?). In other words, any moderately efficient team can clear this, you just need to get your units to near max-levels, have usable specials, and some synergy between your units.

The following guide dates to 2016. If you have newer units (which you probably do), then you are strongly advised to use them. Hint: any STR team with a friend Legend Akainu will own this, you can probably clear this with your starting G2, friend Legend Akainu and 4 red evolvers :)

Recommended CaptainsEdit

There are generally two approaches to Mihawk. A speed approach to try and farm as many Mihawks as you can to save time, or a guaranteed win team which will take A LOT longer to harvest, but guarantees you Mihawks.

Back in 2016, speed teams were best led by Blackbeard. You can use a Monster Chopper team, but we'd recommend auto-heal sockets if you go down this path. You can also bring a striker-based team with double Captain Kid and a 7 turn cooldown to guarantee you two STR orbs in a 5 round run (two preemptive attacks count as turns hence you actually get 7 turns). These will need to be supplemented with 1200+ STR attack characters where appropriate. For maximum speed approaches you cannot relay on any Time Dalayers, so you should be confident in your perfects. Matching orb sockets will be very helpful here.

For slower teams, Bartholomew Kuma Warlord of the Sea is the most rock steady. Bring along damage reduction character to help him push through and a time daleyer (probably GPU). You may find that one Kuma plus one Blackbeard gives you the best combination of HP and damage output.

In-between, there are too many other options to list. Most STR or rainbow captains can work if you have a setup to take advantage of them, as long as you get at least 2x ATK per captain (2.5x or higher is recommended).

  • Bartholomew Kuma Warlord of the Sea: Great option for beginners. He gives a good foundation for attack and health.
  • Blackbeard: A great option for speed runs. You will probably take 5-7 turns to beat him with high level teams. No specials are really needed unless you need an Usopp GP to stall if you need 7 rounds.
  • Captain Kid: Kid is a great captain, especially when he's maxed his special at 6 turns. Paulie can work wonders to lock in a double STR attack but you'll have to stall for a minimum of 15 turns for this strategy.
  • Monkey D. Luffy Gear Third, Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Dream: Pirate King or Dark King Rayleigh First Mate of the Roger Pirates: if you can get your perfects, they'll work
  • Roronoa Zoro Ashura Ichibugin: You might be asking if he'll work. He's given to you from the start and this will probably be the first Raid Boss you can beat. Yes, he will work, but barely (as usual, more so on 30 stamina, less on 40 stamina). It's better to just wait and power up your STR team but a 2x ATK/HP captain like Zoro can work against Mihawk with some planning.
  • Tony Tony Chopper Post-Rampage: Beware of bringing all STR units with this captain. You'll need 6,251 HP at a minimum to survive the preemptive attacks. If you have most of your STR units with auto-heal sockets you can potentially make this team work with more STR units. Also, GPU is your friend.
  • Hawk Eyes Mihawk: if you have Mihawk, you can build a slasher team to farm more Mihawks :)
  • Whitebeard: This legend can certainly work here, through as always, the issue is timing of your stalling. You will be able to stall primarily on stages 2 (turtles that hit for 2,500) and 3 (penguin for 852). Keep in mind there are two first strikes you need to deal with (Stage 3 for 2,202 and Mihawk's 4,000). You'll probably need to stall only for GPU (and for Whitebeard ability to kick in, of course), as your 9x-boosted STR units should be able to finish the boss in 4 turns. If you want to stall more, you can probably get about ~18-20 turn specials charged.
  • Sengoku: with some good STR beatsticks and possibly a GPU you should have few problems here
  • any other legend (except Sabo v1): easy clear

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

Mihawk has really low defense so don't bother using a Defense Reduction Character. The two main methods of stalling are a Time Delay character and a Damage Reduction character to reduce the 10,000 hit he performs. Consider bringing one of each for safety if you aren't strong enough yet.

The second and third stages should provide ample stall time until your specials have leveled up. You should also consider bringing at least one 6 combo unit like Usopp GP or Alvida for stage 4.

The STR class characters hit really hard so there tends to be no need for specials to begin with. You won't need any sockets for this level, but with auto-healing there is a chance to bringing more STR characters for a Monster Chopper speed team.

Recommended TeamsEdit

LL Constant Win
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0578 F0066F0447F0030F0249 F0578 Merry
  • 10 turn Alvida Cooldown Minimum

Free to play Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0249 F0227F0392F0066F0015 F0249 Merry
  • Health must be above 6,250 as you will
    receive this amount in preemptive damage.

Gear 3rd Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0217 F0030F0392F0253F0015 F0217 Merry
  • Perona's skill within 17 turns

Blackbeard Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0447 F0030F0249F0251F0015 F0447 Navy
  • Navy Ship MAX level
  • Blackbeard's skill within 25 turns
    if you plan on using his special.
  • Marco's skill within 25 turns
    if you need to use BB special.

Slasher Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0253F0402F0455F0015 F0227 Coffin Boat
  • Coffin Boat MAX level
  • Mihawk's skill within 19 turns
  • Fossa can be replaced with Arlong
    or better with Ohm

5 Turn Squad
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0578 F0066F0447F0279F0611 F0578 Merry
  • Yes, this team can beat the entire
    level in 5 turns.
  • Level 2 cooldown reduction sockets needed.
  • BB and Arlong are beatsticks and can be
    replaced with any other hard hitter.
  • Purinpurin must be MAX special.
    Placed in middle row. 3 beat sticks must be
    placed to receive his RCV slots.
  • Armed Striker must be 9 turn special.
  • Use Purinpurin to finish stage
    6 Sea Stallion
  • For Mihawk activate Purinpurin to
    give you the 3 RCV orbs that
    the Striker will turn to STR orbs.

Double Sengoku Farming Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0459 F0937F0030F0204F0015 F0459 Merry
  • Merry Go MAX
  • My Mr. 3 has a special level
    of 3 but with sengoku this
    is kinda moot.
  • Activate Mr. 3 on the 4th stage
    with the grunts that will bind you.
    Activate usopp on Mihawk, and
    alvida if you didn't kill him
    before he gets to attack.

40 Stamina WalkthroughEdit

Mihawk 40 Stamina Video WalkthroughsEdit

Mihawk 40 Stamina Written WalkthroughEdit

Mihawk is one of the easiest raid bosses in the game. At mid-levels (2-3 characters with 1,000+ attack) you won't need to rely on any specials besides Usopp. At higher levels (3-4 characters 1200+) you can beat Mihawk's entire stage in 5-6 rounds which makes him the fasted boss to farm.

All bosses will vary based on the strength of your teams but Mihawk is so easy due to his stage providing plenty of stalling, no immunity, and is highly susceptible to most specials.

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Mihawk - 1 Grunts

For low-level teams: stall as long as possible without taking a hit. You could get a total of 1-3 stall turns on this stage. Don't bother attempting to harvest STR orbs for this battle as you'll clear them out on stage 4. You can get around this with using Captain Kid's special, but it's unlikely to be faster than just leveling up your squad for quick Mihawk farming.

Mid to high-level teams should take all the grunts out in one turn.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Grunts -

They will all start with a 1-3 turn cooldown (it is possible if unlikely they will all be at 1 cooldown!). HP: ~2,500 ATK: 4,000

2 Mihawk - 2 Green Daimyo Turtles

Stall as long as possible without taking a hit. Stay above 6,250 health due to preemptive attacks for normal units.

For double Blackbeard teams, stay above 24,808 health due to preemptive attacks.

For speed teams, kill all turtles in one round.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



They will start on 3-5 cooldown. HP: 20. ATK: 2,500

3 Mihawk - 3 Marine + Green Robber Penguin

You will be hit with a preemptive strike for 2202 damage. Always kill off the DEX saber grunt for a first move no matter which team you bring.

For low-level teams: stall as long as possible on the penguin with a low damage character and don't finish the attack chain. You should be able to max out your Usopp special on this stage. Stay above 4,000 health as Mihawk will have a preemptive strike on the 5th stage.

For double Blackbeard teams, stay above 16,000 health as you will receive this in Mihawk's preemptive attack.

8808 double Blackbeard)

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



Penguin will have a 2-4 turn cooldown to begin with (HP: ~6,000, ATK: 852). Marine HP: ~6,000, ATK: 2,202

4 Mihawk - 4 Sea Stallion + Marines

These characters have medium defense but really low HP. All have 4 HP except for the Elder Seahorse which has 6. Don't bother timing the attacks. Just let the attack miss to guarantee you'll kill each unit. Make sure you have a 6 combo unit attack the Seahorse. Do not move to the next round without 4,000+ health due to Mihawk's preemptive attack (16,000 for double Blackbeard teams).
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern


Sea Stallion



Marines will lock the unit that is strong to them for 6 turns or attack for 3,500.

Sea Stallion will lock a random unit for 6 turns.

5 Mihawk - 5 Hawk Eyes Mihawk

Most teams can activate Usopp immediately if they can deal out 1.1 million in damage in 4 turns. However, you can stall if you have plenty of health and a low attack. Activate your Damage Reduction characters for each turn and tank the hits until you can no longer survive a 10,000 attack, or if you are about to push him below his 20% health mark. Activate any damage increase or orb boosting characters you brought along and attempt to chip Mihawk out before your time delay ends.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Hawk Eyes Mihawk

1,180,000 HP

Mihawk will strike with preemptive damage ~4,000 (16,000 double Blackbeard).

Mihawk will attack every turn and will deal 10,000 damage.

Under 20% health, he will deal 25,000 damage each turn.

Team Builder HelperEdit

STR Characters who Change Orbs

STR Characters who Delay Turns

STR Characters who Reduce Damage

STR Characters who Boost Attack

STR Characters who Boost Orb Damage