Crystal Skulls are needed to Super-Evolve a character. They belong to the Evolver Class.

WARNING: Be sure to understand the difference between skulls needed for 5+ Straw Hats and skulls needed for 6+ legends. They are NOT the same: legend skulls CAN NOT be used to evolve story Straw Hats and vice versa. You want to understand that before you make a costly mistake. Two common newbie mistakes is: buying a Red Legend Skull from the Bazaar and trying to use it on G2 (it won't work), or feeding skulls to characters through the power up menu (they are evolve materials, using them in the power up screen just wastes them!). Please read this guide and attached FAQ carefully.

A Crystal Skull being dropped has a special rainbow-blueish chest as shown in the screenshot below:

Skull Drop

Crystal Skull LocationsEdit

Crystal Skulls can only be found in specific locations:

Straw Hats SkullsEdit

  • Crimson Crystal Skull Monkey D Luffy

Crimson Crystal Skull Monkey D Luffy: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 14. Needed for Monkey D. Luffy Gum Gum Elephant Gun

  • Azure Crystal Skull Sanji

Azure Crystal Skull Sanji: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 13. Needed for Sanji Grill Shot

  • Onyx Crystal Skull Nami

Onyx Crystal Skull Nami: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 9. Needed for Nami Thunder-Breed Tempo

  • Jade Crystal Skull Roronoa Zoro

Jade Crystal Skull Roronoa Zoro: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 8. Needed for Roronoa Zoro Bird Dance

  • Amber Crystal Skull Usopp

Amber Crystal Skull Usopp: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 6. Needed for Usopp Platanus Shuriken

  • Amber Crystal Skull Tony Tony Chopper

Amber Crystal Skull Tony Tony Chopper: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 7. Needed for Tony Tony Chopper Heavy Gong

  • Amber Crystal Skull Nico Robin

Amber Crystal Skull Nico Robin: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 12. Needed for Nico Robin Mil Fleurs Campo de Flores

  • Onyx Crystal Skull Franky

Onyx Crystal Skull Franky: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 10. Needed for Franky Rocket Launcher

  • Jade Crystal Skull Brook

Jade Crystal Skull Brook: Can only be found in 3D2Y - Ch. 11. Needed for Brook Song of Scratches Blizzard Slice

Germa 66 SkullsEdit

Skulls for evolving Judge and RR Germa units were made available in the limited time Germa Resurrection Plan in Oct'18. There will likely be available again one way or another, but it may be few more months before this happens.

Legend SkullsEdit

  • Note1: Legend skulls work for all legends of a given color, but only certain legends can be Super-Evolved. See the list below for who can be super evolved. If you don't see Legend X there, it may be months before they get this ability.
  • Note2: You can obtain legend skulls from Invasions (rare drop) or from the Bazaar for 10,000 training points. Sometimes some skulls are discounted to 7,500 points.

Most legends require only one skull to be Super-Evolved, however, Monkey D. Luffy Gear Four: Bounceman needs both a QCK and a PSY skull.

  • Crimson Crystal Skull

Crimson Crystal Skull: Can be bought in Rayleigh's Bazaar for 10 000 points, or found during Ambushes. Needed for STR legends, such as:

  • Jade Crystal Skull

Jade Crystal Skull: Can be bought in Rayleigh's Bazaar for 10 000 points, or found during Ambushes. Needed for DEX legends such as:

  • Azure Crystal Skull

Azure Crystal Skull: Can be bought in Rayleigh's Bazaar for 10 000 points, or found during Ambushes. Needed for QCK legends such as:

  • Amber Crystal Skull

Amber Crystal Skull: Can be bought in Rayleigh's Bazaar for 10 000 points, or found during Ambushes. Needed for PSY legends such as:

  • Onyx Crystal Skull

Onyx Crystal Skull: Can be bought in Rayleigh's Bazaar for 10 000 points, or found during Ambushes. Needed for INT legends such as:

What legends can super-evolve?Edit

Since 30 October, 2018

Since 30 August, 2018

Since July 31, 2018

Since 28 June, 2018

Since May 31, 2018

Since April 28, 2018

Since March 15, 2018

Since Feb 22, 2018

Since Jan 17, 2018

Since Dec 24, 2017

Since Dec 21, 2017

Since Oct 18, 2017

Since Sept 27, 2017

Since Aug 31, 2017

Since April 20, 2017

Since March 23, 2017

Character specific skullsEdit

Since October 2018, non-Straw Hat characters began to require crystal skulls specific to that unit, which can be farmed on certain extra island events that drop those specific skulls.

Units with character specific Crystal SkullsEdit

Since October, 2018:

  • legend Judge
  • RR Ichiji
  • RR Niji
  • RR Yonji
  • RR Reiju


  • Q: What can I do with a duplicate skull?
  • A: -If they're Strawhat Skulls, there is little to no use for them. It is possible that they will be given added functionality in the future
    -If they're Legend Skulls (from ambushes), keep them in case you pull a Legend, since any given legend could receive a Super-Evolution in the future. Legend Skulls are color coded, so red skull will work for all legends that are STR when super-evolved (WB, Lucci, Akainu, Crocodile, etc.) when those legends get a 6+ Super Evolution.
  • Q: What is the drop rate?
  • A: If someone collects better data, this section will be updated (if you have better data, feel free to do it yourself!). For now, the guesstimate for story Straw Hat skull drops is 'similar to the story character' chance, which is unknown but estimated at <10% or (much) less. For ambushes, it seems that global drop rate is 10%, and Japan is said to be 20%. Ambush chances at 60 stamina are around 35%. Source
  • Q: We have a choice of one free Strawhat-skull from a selection. Which should I chose?
  • A: Whichever one works best for you. The general consensus is that of the 5+ straw hats, Luffy and Zoro see the most play (With Luffy being a great F2P captain), Brook, Usopp, Chopper and Sanji are ok, while Nami and Franky are considered the least useful.
  • Q: Is a skull of a single color (ex. DEX'DEX'​​​) good for both Straw Hat and Legends?
  • A: No, they are different. Straw Hats skulls drop at 3D2Y story island, are not obtainable from Bazaar, and work only for Straw Hats and not for Legends. And vice versa - Legend Skulls drop from Ambushes, are obtainable from Bazaar, don't work on Straw Hats but work on Legends. In other words, Green Skull for Legend Zoro is not the same as a Green Skull for Story Zoro.
  • Q: My Legend X doesn't have a Super Evolve option. Why?
  • A: SE is generally available for older legends. Just wait, your legend will be super evolvable in few months.
  • Q: Are super evolutions always superior to base forms?
  • A: Generally, yes, but sometimes they are a sidegrade. Ex. G4 and TS Luffy are both very solid and you should ideally have both of them. Read character notes to figure out if it is advisable to SE your character, and whether you should keep the pre-SE version as well.