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Monster of the New World
~10,450 *CONFIRM*
~94,110 *CONFIRM*
Gold Emperor *CONFIRM*


  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first full clear
  • 24 hours Limited-Time Event
  • Master and Ultimate difficulty has a 100% chance of dropping Carina and Gild. Tesoro
  • Ultimate difficulty has chance of having a Rainbow Armored Crab show up on stage 4 instead of the Sea Stallion. It has a higher than normal drop rate, BUT is not 100%.
  • No one knows exact number for 30 stamina. You'll ask anyways so people estimate it's 30% - 60% for 30 stamina.
  • Ultimate difficulty also drops Cotton Candies, but the optimal farming is probably done on Master here.
  • This IS a recurring event but it follows a non-standard pattern. See Feature Film Frenzy for details.
  • This Clash first ran from Nov. 27 19:00 to Nov. 28 18:59 2016

Tips on How to Beat TesoroEdit

First, note that with Carina's bonus, you cannot use any ATK or orb boosters, do don't put them in your team unless you have another good reason for them (stats, etc.).

Second. Don't worry to hard about a team for farming Ultimate. You will need to clear it once to get the Rainbow crab evolver, but after that focusing on Master is optimal for farming (posters/stamina).


Recommended CaptainsEdit

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

Recommended SocketsEdit

Recommended TeamsEdit

Double Ray (easy 40 stamina)
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0367 F0221F0015F0355F0718 F0367 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousand Sunny MAX, but
    you can use other 1.5x ship too
  • High leveled characters
  • Hit mostly perfects. I mean, it's Ray, doh...
  • For speed run, no need for GPU
    but to be safe, use him on stage 4
    then stall to use him on Stage 5.
    For safety, the lower
    GPU skill CD the better
  • Ain can be replaced by Robin
    but her sockets are likely better
  • Mihawk can be replaced by a beatstick
    like Sir Crocodile Warlord of the Sea

No name team *CONFIRM*
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0418 F0227F0590F0308F0015 F0227 Coffin Boat
  • Coffin Boat MAX
  • High leveled characters
  • Near MAX Mihawk Specials for both
    your friend captain and your
  • Doffy ready to go near Koza's special timing

Walkthrough for 30 Stamina TesoroEdit

Not that tough. Many teams can clear.

Walkthrough for 40 Stamina TesoroEdit

Compared to 60 stamina, key differences are:

  • enemies hit for less, in particular the canoneers from stage 4 hit for 4.5k or so you can stall on one of them more easily, and hope for meat orb luck (works well for Double Ray to refresh GPU)
  • stage 2 turtles have 8 HP so you can stall on them twice. Penguin can also be stalled on with a low ATK unit.

Double Ray strategy: stall on turtles just enough to have GPU ready for Stage 4. GPU, keep one canoneer alive and recharge GPU for the boss stage. On boss stage, Ain, TowelNami, burst. GPU gives you 3 more turns in case you mess up perfects (or don't have TowelNami and rely on slower way to generate the burst). The higher your GPU's skill CD, the more difficult this will be, as the stage 4 grunts often start on 1 CD, 2 MAX, and taking them out quickly is not always easy for Double Ray. If you can GPU twice, this is not a difficult clash.

Baccarat variantEdit

See the guide at reddit for Baccarat + Whitey Bay/Towel Nami, GPU, Aokiji, Mihawk. Note: does require MAX Aokiji sill ups.

Walkthrough for 60 Stamina TesoroEdit

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 No Image Rainbow Bodyguards

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

DEX/QCK bodyguards attack for 4128 damage on 1-3 into a 1 turn cool-down. PSY bodyguards attack for 7170 on a 1-2 into a 2 turn cool-down.

2 No Image Turtles + Bodyguards

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Turtles + Bodyguards

D. Turtle 4 HP, E. Turtle 7 HP

PSY/STR bodyguards attack for 7170 damage on 1-2 into a 2 turn cool-down. Daimyo Turtle attacks for 1890 damage on 1-2 into a 2 turn cool-down. Elder Turtle attacks for 2690 damage on 1-2 into a 2 turn cool-down.

3 No Image Carina + Bodyguards

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern


Carina has 520,000 HP, Bodyguards 32,000 each.

Carina attacks for 3890 damage on a 1 turn cool-down. Bodyguards attack for 3612 damage on a 1-2 into a 1 turn cool-down. Carina will preemptively activate a 1.4x *CONFIRM* Slot Type boost for 99 turns, and an ATK up boost for 99 turn. No HP trigger specials, will flee when defeated after fully healing.

4 No Image Sea Stallion + Bazooka Billions Baroque Works

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Sea Stallion + Bazoooka Billions Baroque Works

Baroque Grunts attack for 10,500 damage on a 1-2 into a 3 turn cool-down. Sea Stallion will lock a random unit for 6 turns.

5 No Image Gild. Tesoro Gold Ship Casino King

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Gild. Tesoro Gold Ship Casino King

1,950,000 HP

Attacks for 6244 damage on a 1 turn cool-down. Preemptive despairs and locks helper captain for 4 turns, and changes all slots to [PSY]. First turn will reduce your ATK damage for 1 turn. Second turn will add DEF protection on self for 1 turn. Third turn will put up immunity buff for 99 turns, raise his ATK power for 99 turns, and hits for 9364 now. Repeats this pattern until <20% HP when he will attack for 56,100 damage.

Secret Stage No Image Rainbow Armored Crab + Bazooka Billions Baroque Works

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Rainbow Armored Crab + Bazoooka Billions Baroque Works

12 HP

Attacks for 5,000 damage on a 3 into a 2 turn cool-down. Grunts behave as they normally would.

Team Builder HelperEdit

INT Characters who Change Orbs

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