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Quest Boss Difficulty Conditions Notable Captures/Drops
Clash!! Shiki the Golden Lion: Reign


Clash!! Shiki the Golden Lion: Dominance


The Flying Pirate
The Golden Lion


  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first clear of both difficulties
  • 24 hours Limited-Time Event
  • Ultimate difficulty has a 100% change of dropping Shiki the Golden Lion
  • No one knows exact number for 40 stamina drop rate. You'll ask anyways so people estimate it's 40-60% for 40 stamina.
  • This IS a recurring event but it follows a non-standard pattern. See Feature Film Frenzy for details.
  • This event was available
  • October 13, 2016 (19:00) to October 14, 2016 (18:59) PST NEW!!
  • November 3, 2016 (19:00) to November 4, 2016 (18:59) PST
  • During December's 2016 Movie Frenzy: 9th and 16th

Tips on How to Beat ShikiEdit

This is a HARD fortnight. It uses a unique mechanic in which Shiki switches your captain with another unit, thus changing your captain's abilities. You'll have to use it to your benefit!

While he switches your captain with a random unit from a given right (so, left or right) you can try to game the system through "soft reset", i.e. while the switch animation or another Shiki's move are still being shown, stop the game by switching apps, close it and restart. The stage will reset, and he may chose a different captain. This should improve your chances of getting the right captain in (ex. if you have Gladius and Mihawk on the bottom, you'll want Gladius, so you want to soft reset any Mihawk switch he does). Also, after soft reset he seems to prioritize the right-row unit (through this can change based on game's version, it is not 100% consistent...).


Recommended CaptainsEdit

  • Eneru, Lightning Incarnate 200,000,000 Volt Amaru - you can near-infinity stall on stages 2/4 with a non-QCK unit, the difficult parts is surviving stage 2 (if you get bad orbs, and merfolk and red pirate locker on CD 1 you are toast), and getting all perfects on burst stage. Unless you take a healer, you will want to burst as soon as Shiki switches to your 2.5x+ captain from the bottom row in the first turn.
  • Marco the Phoenix Whitebeard 1st Div. Commander - if you can avoid taking damage and/or heal, he should do the trick. Alternatively he can be a good sub. Usually paired with Eneru. Those teams usually burst on turn 3, after the swap is reset.
  • Issho (Fujitora) - can also work as a great off color member of the above team, otherwise you can build a driven team.
  • Heavenly Demon Doflamingo - ditto, if you can keep those perfects up...

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

Recommended SocketsEdit

Autheal helps, particularly with Marco. CD means less need for stalling, through not that needed if you use Eneru. Orbs of course help, too.

Recommended TeamsEdit

Enel Team RR/Legend version
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0603 F0737F0870F0993F0261 F0603 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousand Sunny MAX
  • High leveled characters (70+)
  • Do soft reset if Whitebeard is not switched in
    • Gladius works too but WB is better
  • Use TS on stages 2 or 3, preferably 3
    • Moby Dick can be used instead TS
  • Farm blue orbs on stage 1 to KO merfolk/leader on stage 2
  • Use all specials at the beginning of boss fight.
    • After revive, use second Eneru

Enel Team F2P Version
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0603 F0737F0418F0390F0227 F0603 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousand Sunny MAX
  • High leveled characters (70+)
  • Use TS on stages 2 or 3, preferably 3
  • Moby Dick can be used instead TS
  • See video

Walkthrough for 60 Stamina ShikiEdit

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Shiki Stage1 2x Bodyguards
2x Random QCK/DEX Grunts

Kill all enemies without taking damage, stalling where able. If using Enel you can stall on some grunts for a while.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Bodyguards ~20,000 HP
Random Grunts ~10,000 HP

There are two versions, one with a QCK grunt and one with DEX grunt in the back. They have initial cool-downs of 1-3 turns. STR/PSY Bodyguards attack for 7100 damage on a 2 CD and have their usual weak orb interrupt <50%.
Millions don't seem to have any specials.
DEX nun (back row) one hits for the least - 5250 on 2 CD.
QCK million (back row) for 3460 on 1 CD.
STR million (front row) one hits for 5645 on 2 CD.
PSY cowboy (front row) for 4290 on 1 CD.

2 Shiki Stage2 Grunt
Bazooka Billions
3x Bodyguards

Target and kill the Spear Fishman First as he will despair your captains for 5 turns. Next target and kill the Fighter Group Leader as he will lock your QCK characters for 5 turns. If they both have 1 turn CD, and your Double Eneru team has no QCK orbs, you are probably toast; TS can help you here but then you won't have it for the next stage. You can stall on the Bazooka Billions and the back row bodyguards if they have a 2-3 turn cool-down. The back row Bodyguards attack for 4128 and will delay all opposing (DEX if they are QCK/STR if they are DEX) specials after 2 turns so stall as appropriate then take them out. If you are using Enel, Bazooka Billions is great for near-infinity stalling, as he attacks only for 5708 on 2 CD. Either way, you need to kill Fighter Group Leader and Spear Fishman before they activate, or you are out. You could use TS if you stalled on the previous stage enough, but it is tough to do so.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern


Fighter Group Leader ~30,000 HP
Spear Fishman ~40,000 HP
Bazooka Billions ~40,000 HP
Bodyguards ~20,000 HP

1-3 turn cool-downs.
Fighter Group Leader
will attack for 7100 damage then into a 2 turn cool-down
Spear Fishman
will attack for 3990 damage then into a 1 turn cool-down
Bazooka Billions
will attack for 5700 damage then into a 2 turn cool-down
attack for 4100 damage then into a 1 turn cool-down

3 Shiki Stage3 Rex
Adult Turtle
Old Turtle

The Neptunian Squid will preempitevly afflict a character with paralysis, making it neigh impossible for an attack to do damage. Target and kill him first. Next focus on killing the Dinosaurs, then kill the Turtles. Stall where able without taking damage. Using TS special here makes things much more manageable.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Dinosaurs, Turtles,
and a

Rex ~58,000 HP
Triceratops ~67,000 HP
Squid ~74,000 HP
2 and 4 HP respectively

1-4 turn cool-downs.
will attack for 10,000 damage then into a 3 turn cool-down
will attack for 6332 damage then into a 1 turn cool-down
will attack for 7,100 damage then into a 2 turn cool-down
Turtles attack for 1,800 and 2,600 damage then into a 2 turn cool-downs

4 Shiki Stage4 South Bird
Sea Stallion
Red Lobster
Red Crab
Blue Bodyguards

Target and kill the Sea Stallion first as he will bind a unit for 6 turns. Next focus on the bodyguards who will debuff when weakened, then the South Bird who will either bind you or enrage your units. Then finish off the Crustaceans
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Sea Stallion,
South Bird,

Sea Stallion
5 HP
South Bird
~90,000 HP
~2 HP
4 HP

1-3 turn cool-downs.
Sea Stallion
will attack for 7,100 damage then get a 2 turn cool-down
South Bird
will attack for 8,600 damage then get a 3 turn cool-down (unless enraged).
will attack for 5,100 damage then get a 2 turn cool-down
will attack on a 1-2 for ? get a 2 turn cool-down
will attack for 3,600 then attack every turn.

5 Shiki Stage5 Shiki the Golden Lion Golden Lion Pirates

Preemptively puts up a Debuff Immunity for 1 turn and will swap positions of your Captain and a Crew-Member from your bottom row.

On his next turn he will attack for half your HP and swap out your Captain with a Crew-Member from your middle row.

Next he attacks normally for 7,006 damage and puts up his Debuff Immunity for 2 turns.

Next he attacks for 8,100 damage and increases the cool-down turns for your right side Crew-Members and Captain.

He will then repeat these Attack Patterns until his death upon which he will revive himself with 30 HP, raise his defense, and attack you for 21,000 damage.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Shiki the Golden Lion Golden Lion Pirates

4,600,000 HP

attacks for 7,006 damage normally and activates various specials

Team Builder HelperEdit

QCK Characters who Change Orbs

QCK Characters who Delay Turns

QCK Characters who Boost Attack

QCK Characters who Boost Orb Damage

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