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Quest Boss Difficulty Conditions Notable Captures/Drops
Clash!! Come to My World


Clash!! KAMA World


Hee ha!


  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first clear of both difficulties.
  • 24 hours Limited-Time Event
  • You can recruit Ivankov at 100% probability beating Master difficulty

How to Beat Clash!! Ivankov!Edit


General OverviewEdit

The trick to Ivankov is burst attacking him when he has 20% health remaining. If you fail or cross below 20%, Ivankov will heal himself back to 80% health. Not massive damage, but you will have to take some more hits and attempt to burst him down again. This rule applies as soon as your turn is over. So even if he is Time Delay'd with a character like Usopp Usopp Golden Pound, he will still heal if he is alive and below 20% health.

Outside of that, you just need enough health to survive until just above he reaches 20% health. Ideally you would time it so he does not have his defense boost active to inflict more damage.

Recommended CaptainsEdit

Mihawk and Donquixote are both viable captains. Double Donquixote will get you the energy you need and attack boost needed to burst him down. A double Mihawk team will take out over half of his health and the 2.5 will make the 50% mark easy. The hard part is surviving until that point due to his limited health. The Coffin boat and Trafalgar D. Law will go a long way in a Double Mihawk team.

Most legends work:

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

  • Orb Boosters
  • Defense Reducers
  • Attack Boosters
  • Miss Doublefinger Human Spike Boost the attack of your DEX units for your burst round.
  • Koza Rebel Leader Only bring Koza for your slasher teams if you have three other high-level DEX characters that can benefit from Koza's boost.
  • Conditional Attack Boosters
  • Monet Donquixote Pirates: Her one turn delay and double round of boost are very useful, but remember you need to push Ivankov in one turn for your <20% HP burst round.
  • Hatchan Takoyaki Shop Manager: His 1.3x attack boost will only work during a defense boost round. If you're running a speed team, he's actually quite nice and a nice backup if your Mihawk/Doffy specials aren't enough damage to take Ivankov out.
  • High Damage DEX units with a useful special
  • Hawk Eyes Mihawk Save Mihawk's special until your final burst round. Use his special to find out how much damage you need to deal and bring yourself 1/3 closer to victory.
  • Trafalgar Law ROOM is good for orb manipulation to add more DEX orbs for a burst round and has a very high attack.
  • Roar of the Sea Scratchmen Apoo: Apoo is Law's best friend in this game. You won't need to hunt for orbs as these two will guarantee a full board of DEX orbs.
  • Sugar Donquixote Pirates: As with all bosses that have a <20% move, you can bring along a Sugar to just remove them from the stage. Use your Mihawks, Gladius, Hacks, and Whitebeards to push Ivankov below 20% and then use Sugar to remove him without having to attack! See Percentage HP Cut for a list of characters that do a percentage damage to the opponent.
  • Usopp Usopp Golden Pound or other Time Delay character. Note this character should be used on a round where Ivankov's attack is boosted. This will save you some hits while you attack Ivankov closer to his 20% mark, or while you hunt for DEX orbs when you're using a Doffy.

Recommended TeamsEdit

F2P DEX high health teams (no raid bosses)
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0008 F0431F0400F0392F0015 F0008 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousand Sunny MAX
  • Your characters should be in the
    50 lvl area at a minimum
  • Bellamy upgrades to Doffy
  • MissDF upgrades to DEXUsopp
  • Perona can be replaced by Smoker or Mihawk
  • Apoo+Law for full board
    can replace Perona/GPU
  • Law can be a captain, friend or both
    sacrifacing HP for speed

Double Doffy (high health teams)
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0418 F0227F0400F0308F0015 F0418 Coffin Boat
  • Coffin Boat MAX level
  • Bring at least 45,000 health.
  • Doflamingo's skill level as low as possible,
    or Usopp maxed out to use multiple times.
    Can be used up to 3 times on stage 2,
    4, and finally on Ivankov.

Double Mihawk (high damage teams)
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0418F0511F0308F0015 F0227 Coffin Boat

DEX based Cerebral Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0720 F0418F0257F0767F0400 F0720 Moby Dick ship
  • Moby Dick MAX
  • High leveled characters
  • Doffy near Croc's cooldown

SW Ace Farming Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0562 F0400F0418F0257F0359 F0562 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousdand Sunny MAX. Waiting
    for Shooter boats to be released on Global.
  • High leveled characters

Jimbe super safe tank and burst team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0934 F0671F0416F0431F0251 F0934 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Easy burst from half HP or so,
    and enough HP/safety to tank till then.
  • Moby Dick or the Sun Pirates Ship
    can give you even more health
  • Boa is the 1st safety net.
    Not sure what can replace her (need CD lower then Marco!)
  • Marco is just for 2nd safety net,
    replacable by a beatstick for speed run
  • High leveled characters


For 40 stamina unless otherwise indicated. Please add new vidoes showing shorter clear times or new types of teams.

40 Stamina WalkthroughEdit

Ivankov 40 Stamina - F2P team with Hachi!!!06:42

Ivankov 40 Stamina - F2P team with Hachi!!!

This walkthrough is a super-safe, but slow, strategy for a high-health team like double Zoro or double Doflamingo.

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Clash Ivankov 1 Grunts + Penguins

Take out all grunts right before they attack and take no damage. Stall with weakest character until penguins are killed.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Boxer Pirate


Attacks for 4,275

Attacks for 2,002 every 2 turns

2 Clash Ivankov 2 Grunts

You should have Usopp powered up. Use his stall and take no damage this round as you kill off grunts as slow as possible.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Various Pirates


Attack for ~3-4,000

3 Clash Ivankov 3 Blue Daimyo Turtle

Use your lowest combo unit to stall out as long as possible.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Daimyo Turtle


Attacks for 2,750

4 Clash Ivankov 4 Elder Seahorse + Grunts

You should have Usopp powered up. Use his stall and take no damage this round as you kill off grunts as slow as possible (If your Usopp special is not ready, use Usopp to attack the Elder Seahorse for 6hp). Take out all units except for the INT unit. The INT unit will lock Usopp for 2 turns. Use a low combo unit to stall one more attack and finish him on the second turn. Usopp will have been unlocked and you will have gained 5 turns for Usopp's cooldown going into Ivankov.

Note, this level could also have 3 Elder Seahorses show up instead with 3 grunts. At a minimum take out the Elder Seahorses and the QCK unit, or else you will have characters locked going into Ivankov.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Elder Seahourse


Seahorse 6hp

Grunts 6hp

Locks units for 6 turns

Locks weak units for 2 turns else attacks for ~3,800–4,200

5 Clash Ivankov 5 Emporio Ivankov Queen of Kamabakka Queendom (Retired)

Pace this level based on how much health you have left. Ideally you will deal as much damage as your regular characters can deal out with no specials until Ivankov is just above 20% health. If you have plenty of health, continue to try and harvest DEX orbs for your burst round. Use Usopp when you need to slow down Ivankov's damage or if you want to harvest Orbs for the final burst round. Note: the Time Delay effect will NOT stop Ivankov from healing if he falls below 20%.

When you're ready, activate your Mihawks, Doflamingos, Laws, Doublespikes, Bellamy's, or Peronas to maximize your damage. Ivankov shouldn't provide too much difficulty if you enter with enough health to tank several hits. However, you MUST take her out in one move as she will always heal if your turn is over and she is below 20% health. This is why a Vivi/Laboon team is not recommended.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Emporio Ivankov Queen of Kamabakka Queendom (Retired)


Preemptively changes your orbs to PSY, QCK, INT, STR, and blank and attacks for 6666.

1. Attacks for 4,016

Loop 1) Attacks for 6,024 (1.5x attack and 4x def)

Loop 2) Attacks for 6,024 (1.5x attack and 4x def)

Loop 3) Attacks for 4,016

4) When Health <20% Ivankov will heal back to 80%.

Note: Ivankov will ALWAYS heal whenever it is her turn, even if delayed. You will be stuck in an infinite loop if you can't burst her down on 40 Stamina. She only heals once on 30 stamina.

Team Builder HelperEdit

DEX Characters who Change Orbs

DEX Characters who Delay Turns

DEX Characters who Boost Attack

DEX Characters who Boost Orb Damage

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