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Quest Boss Difficulty Conditions Notable Captures/Drops
Clash!! Thirst For Knowledge


Clash!! Eureka!




  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first clear of all difficulty levels
  • Former 24 hours Limited-Time Event. Now available for challenging 24/7 from Clash!! Collection
  • You can recruit Chopper at 100% probability beating Master difficulty
  • Drop rate at Expert difficulty is not known, but estimated to be around 30-40%

Tips on How to Beat Clash!! Chopper's Rampage!Edit


General informationEdit

One of the earliest clashes. As usual it was challenging - few years back. Now it's an easy quest to farm, assuming you have some newer QCK units, and they are leveled up. Most if not all legends, and 2x+ QCK or rainbow captains should have no trouble clearing this, assuming you can build some synergy/combos, and that your units are high level, and you are using 1.5x ATK ship and so on. (Lost? Read the FAQ/Tips!).

Recommended CaptainsEdit

This team can be cleared with the usual high-level Hawk Eyes Mihawk, Monkey D. Luffy Gear Third, or Dark King Rayleigh chain-multiplier type characters. However, the straight QCK teams tend to have an easier time. Sometimes a mixture of Portgas and Diamond Jozu work well when you're not strong enough to take out in time with double Ace or too slow to take out with double Jozu.

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

Chopper will come at you consistently when his health drops below 20%. As a result, a Time Delay and Slot Boost strategy tends to be the most consistent sub strategy to beat Chopper.

Recommended TeamsEdit

Free to Play Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0390 F0392F0204F0324F0015 F0390 Merry
  • Captains around level 70 or 80
  • Subs with Cooldowns so they are ready by turn 15
Standard Blue Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0253 F0030F0232F0324F0015 F0075 Merry
  • Captains around level 70 or 80
  • Subs 50 or higher
Power Blue Team with Safety
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0603 F0365F0232F0324F0416 F0603 Merry
  • All characters around level 70 or 80
  • Eneru must infinity stall on first round

40 Stamina WalkthroughEdit

Chopper is potentially the second easiest raid boss next to Mihawk. Most Mid to High-level teams should be able to clear this level without an issue.

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Chopper - 1 6 Grunts

Stall as long as necessary on this stage without taking a hit.

However, if you are running an Eneru team or a zombie squad (Laboon/Nefertari Vivi), you can infinity stall on a grunt to max out your specials.

Since the grunts attack every two turns for 2,100 damage, a minimum heal of 1,000 should get you through this round with no damage. The random meat orbs that drop will supplement what you need to make sure your health is at maximum before moving to the next stage.

Keep attacking with your weakest unit and you'll deal only the number of hit points of damage as your combo. Even a 32 level special such as Eneru's can be maxed out by stalling here. This will potentially allow you to beat Chopper in one to two turns if your characters are high enough level and you can orb change on a Kaku and Eneru round.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Grunts -

Attack every two turns for 2,100 damage

2 Chopper - 2 Grunts + Red Daimyo Turtle

Since the grunts have 10 hp, you can take them all out with the recommended squad per the picture if you let all your units miss. Have Usopp + Kaku attack the first unit, have Zoro and Thatch attack the second, and the double Enel's will take out the third unit. Do not let the color that is weak to you attack. So if you're running a QCK team, do not let the STR grunt attack. They will lock your QCK units for 5 turns. If you need to stall further, you can let on or two units be locked as long as you take all grunts out by next turn. This will buy you one more turn.

The turtle will have a one to three turn cooldown. Stall here for orbs and special as long as possible and take hits if necessary. You'll want any units you want to use by stage 4 on a three turn cooldown as you leave this stage.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern


Red Daimyo Turtle



Lock the unit they are weak to for 5 turns. Attack for 3,200 damage.

Attacks every two turns for 1,050 damage.

3 Chopper - 3 Grunts + Red Robber Penguin

At this point your stalling should be done. Take everyone out on one turn. Your stage 4 cooldowns should be ready for the next stage before leaving.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



Penguin attacks for 780. Millions for 3,870. Billions for 5,500. They all attack every turn.

4 Chopper - 4 Sea Stallion + Grunts

Do not let the Sea Stallions attack as they will lock a random unit for 3 turns. You should target them first and use your two 6-combo units to take them out.

If you are not strong enough to take Chopper out in 2 rounds, or 5 round including Usopp, do not beat this level without 10,072 in health or meat orbs to get you there.

Some players will bring along a Sanji for the sole purpose of taking no damage this round. Sanji's special is weak on Chopper so make sure you've stalled long enough to max out Sanji's special before this round. Any Base Damage will work to the same effect this round. We recommend using your Roronoa Zoro Jack the Ripper to lower all of the unit's hp by one. You can then take them out with the recommended squad per the picture.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Sea Stallion




Will lock your units for 3 turns and attack for 2,800.

Will attack every turn for 2,000.

5 Chopper - 5 Tony Tony Chopper Post-Rampage

It is recommended you be able to take at least the 1st 10,072 hit. This will get you 4 rounds of full team attacks and two rounds of captain only attacks due to captain bind. If you are going to make it past one hit and have two Time Delay characters, use the one with the lower turn delay before Chopper's first attack.
After his second attack, Chopper begins his two turn attack loop. Use a damage reducer to buy yourself 2 more rounds whenever it is needed.
If you end up with just below 10,072 health but above 9,240, push Chopper to below 20% health so his next attack won't kill you (as his below 20% loop is a lower damage of 9,240).
However, if you won't survive his next attack, activate Boa Hancock or Usopp to stall (and heal). You must now attempt to kill him before his next attack which should be easy if he's close to his 20% health. A high level (50-70) QCK based team with an Eneru and Kaku multiplier can take out most of Chopper's health in one turn.
If you fail, you will take 9,240 damage per round.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Tony Tony Chopper Post-Rampage

1,800,000 hp

  • 1st turn Chopper will bind your 4 bottom subs for 1 turn
  • 2nd turn: Chopper will not attack
  • 3rd turn: Chopper will hit for 10,072 damage
  • 4th turn: Chopper will bind the 4 bottom subs for 1 turn
Chopper will repeat the following steps until his health is below 20%
  • Loop 1: Chopper will not attack
  • Loop 2: Chopper will hit for 10,072 damage
When Chopper's HP is below 20%
  • Below 20%: Hit for 9,240 damage every turn

Congrats! You now have Tony Tony Chopper Pre-Rampage!!

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