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Quest Boss Difficulty Conditions Notable Captures/Drops
Clash!! Admiral Aokiji: Ice Cold


Clash!! Admiral Aokiji: Absolute Zero




  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon first clear
  • 24 hours Limited-Time Event
  • You can recruit Aokiji on all difficulties.
  • On 60 Stamina you will have a 100% probability of him dropping
  • On 40 Stamina the official numbers are not published, but it's low. It's estimated to be a 15-30% chance of Aokiji dropping.

Tips on How to Beat Clash!! Admiral AokijiEdit


General InformationEdit

At the time of its release on global, this became the undisputed most difficult raid boss in the game. This will surely evolve, and many report success with various teams, but unless you have 90+ units with low cooldowns (under 20), including the "gateway to advanced content" aka Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea you can most likely forget beating Aokiji without gems.

Recommended CaptainsEdit

  • Garp the Fist: Only bring Garp as a friend captain if you don't have level 1 anti-despair. He can work to win, but you'll need some RR heavy hitting units to really solidify a victory.

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

  • You will need to focus on units that boost attack for a burst round as Aokiji is immune to all effects (time delay, defense reduction, etc). You will need to deal 2 million in damage in one round. Under 50%, he immediately triggers haste and attack boost. Under 20%, he immediately triggers... well you just die honestly.
  • PSY Beat Sticks: You'll want one or two of these if possible for your burst round.
  • PSY Burst squad: These units will either manipulate orbs, boost attack, or orbs for your heavy hitters to finish the job.
  • Garp the Fist: Foundation of burst round to give you PSY orbs and food.
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay Bombardier Arabesque: You will have to choose between Mr. 2 and Rakuyo. Mr. 2 does a full PSY orb round when combined with Garp, however he himself hits for far less. He also has the ability of having farmable units so bring him for sockets is another bonus. If either of these are not enough, you can play the riskier Rakuyo who will guarantee at least himself and the captain having PSY if your Garp special was unlucky.
  • Usopp Impact: He is now farmable if you did not know - in Water Seven you can pick this character up now and he's highly recommended for Aokiji.
  • Petty Officer Coby or Squard: Boost your PSY orbs for that 2+ million damage burst round. Doffy is clearly a better booster and has the ability to swap orbs too, his cooldown might not be ready for you in time. Coby is a descend substitute if you're not there yet.
  • Senor Pink: Upgraded version of Coby as he has much better stats than Coby and if you could wait for his second stage special(1.75x orb booster) - Special: Stage 1 (13 default, 8 max): Changes own orb into PSY, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.5x for 1 turn. Stage 2 (19 default, 14 max): Changes own orb into PSY, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.75x for 1 turn
  • Marco the Phoenix: Preferably maxed special as 19-22 turns is roughly where you'll need him if you want to heal after Aokiji's pheasant break. He's not required, but useful for those teams that are falling just short of beating Aokiji.
  • Damage reduction characters are not required, but useful if it the one round you need to push closer to a burst round:
  • Swapping Units: You will need to play with your power team based on your specials and levels. The following units can help with stalling on earlier stages or can be added in for specials. It all depends on your cooldowns and pirate level if you have enough unit points to bring them as these teams can get expensive.

Recommended SocketsEdit

You'll want level 2 anti-lock and level 1 anti-despair sockets for your team. While a lot of times these are nice-to-haves and you can Usopp GP your way out of things, these are absolute game changers for an Aokiji battle where EVERY turn matters! You can technically survive with just a level 1 anti-lock and no despair, but you'll need a plan for stage 3, such as Usopp GP.

Additionally, Rayleigh teams will not need anti-lock. His special can be used for your burst round after Aokiji's 5th turn. His high RCV makes taking a hit from early stages less significant as well, but still relies on a small amount of RCV luck.

As usual, matching orbs and cooldown reduction sockets help as well.

Recommended TeamsEdit

Chain Multiplier Template
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0578 F0208F0306F0263F0223 F0578 Merry
  • Level 2 Anti-Lock
  • Level 1 Anti-Despair
  • You can replace Luffy
    with Rayleigh or G3.
  • All units 90+
  • Coby can be replaced with Squard

Chain Multiplier: One Turn LL Kill Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0578 F0418F0314F0306F0223 F0578 Merry
  • Yes, this team can kill Aokiji in one turn.
    You must have 3 PSY orbs on your
    3 PSY units. Deals about 4.2
    million in damage.
  • Only Usopp and Doffy's specials
    are truly needed. Other characters
    only help with odds of putting PSY orbs on
    your PSY characters.
  • Garp, Impact Usopp, and Urouge must be
    MAX or near MAX. You can only be missing
    roughly 6 levels on either your Garp or
  • Rakuyo can be subsituted for
    Urouge but you'll need one or two more
    levels with him in order to one turn kill
    Aokiji due to a lower overall ATK.
  • Your hits must be in order:
Luffy Good
Luffy Great
Doffy Perfect
Usopp Perfect
Garp Perfect
Urouge Perfect

Chain Multiplier: Rayleigh Burst
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0367 F0227F0306F0418F0223 F0367 Merry
  • Level 2 Anti-Lock
  • Level 1 Anti-Despair
  • Max special on Mihawk
    and Donquixote should be close to Mihawk.
  • All units 90+
  • Team deals 2.1 million damage at MAX
    with two PSY orbs. Replace Rayleigh
    with Log Luffy and they can
    deal 2.7 million.
  • Garp is replaceable with Rakuyo.

Sengoku Impact Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0459 F0418F0425F0263F0223 F0459 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Use Doffy and Impact Usopp for
    your final burst round.
  • Ryuma is replaceable by other PSY beatsticks
  • If you have trouble with grunts, try the team below.

Sengoku GPU Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0459 F0208F0306F0263F0015 F0459 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Use GPU on stage 3
  • TS on stage 4
  • Goku+Coby after Aokji's 80% cut
  • Final burst on the follow-up turn
  • Lv1 Anti-Despair. Lv2 Anti-Lock.

PSY Power Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0643 F0208F0314F0453F0223 F0306 Merry
  • Level 2 Anti-Lock
  • Level 1 Anti-Despair
  • Garp under 20 cooldown
  • All units 90+
  • Marco can be substituted
    for Rakuyo if healing is needed.

F2P Gild Tesoro 4x Beli
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F1163 F0011F0425F0263F0223 F1163 Merry
  • Level 2 Anti-Lock
  • Level 1 Anti-Despair. Lv 2 Anti-Lock
  • Rakuyo replaceable by PSY Driven/Cerebral strong hitter.

F2P QCK Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0603 F0510F0737F0227F0324 F0603 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Croc in middle left, Lucci in middle right

Mihawk under Croc, Kaku under Lucci.

  • Mihawk can be replaced with Whitebeard.
  • Must heal close to 3,000 per round.
    Need Cotton Candy on both Enel leads.
  • Stage 1: Stall on purple cannoneer
    for all specials.
  • Stage 3: Use Thousand Sunny
  • Stage 4: Use Croc's special (or Sanji DJ)
  • Aokiji: Attack normally until Aokiji is just
    at 50%. Look for QCK orbs when close.
  • Use Mihawk's special to start burst round.
  • Use Kaku and first Enel special to attack.
  • Next round use second Enel special
    and Lucci to take Aokiji out.

F2P Slasher Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0418F0425F0601F0223 F0227 Coffin Boat
  • The first two rounds again Aokiji
    use Shanks' special.
  • After Phaesant Break round, use
    both Mihawks, Doffy, and Ryuma.

How to beat 60 Stamina Clash!! Admiral AokijiEdit

Aokiji 60 Stamina Video WalkthroughsEdit

Aokiji 60 Stamina Written WalkthroughsEdit

The auto-targeting on this level is TERRIBLE! You will almost need to target each enemy in between attacks, so practice your timing and targeting as this level will be SUPER difficult and every move matters.

When a boss is immune, you should build your team around those with specials that impact you. So attack boost and Orb Boost characters are excellent support units. While it's recommended you keep 4 of your units PSY, you can bring along Orb Boost characters if you need extra push outside of the PSY family such as Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea. However, make sure their cooldowns fit in the 19-22 range for you to be able to use them before Aokiji's sixth turn.

Note: The team in this picture failed the burst round on Aokiji as it was too late before I realized I didn't have an orb booster. A second run with Koby instead of Rakuyo was successful as per recommended teams section.
Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Clash Aokiji - 1 Grunts and 2 penguins

Take out the grunts on the last possible turns. Try and take out the penguins slowly and use food to heal if you receive it. You should be able to get 3-6 turns out of this stage.

For the F2P Slasher Team: You'll need to take no hits here but stall a minimum of 3 turns.

For G3 Teams: You can take a hit from a penguin here to stall.

For Double Garp Teams: Just stall where possible but don't take hits. The Garp approach is real chill as you'll be stalling on Aokiji. You'll want to manage your Marco cooldowns to be ready by the time you need him. With a 10 range, that's a lot of variables, so it's best to just stall as long as possible while taking minimal damage. Don't forget you'll lose all your health on Aokiji's third turn, so don't worry too much about taking hits.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Grunts -


2 Clash Aokiji - 2 Grunts + Evolvers

Stall and heal where possible on the evolvers. Take out the grunts and take no damage from them. You could get 6-10 rounds on this depending on your health and opening cooldown on the lobster.

For F2P Slasher Team: You'll want to take exactly 5 turns here. The problem is the stupid turtle. He can be on a 1 to 3 hit cooldown. 3 you're in the clear. For 1 to 2 turns, you're going to want level one or two auto-heal in order to stay above the 19000 health mark so that you can tank the hit from the 3 huge marines. If you don't have enough health, you can try and take out a larger marine on the next stage but it's not guaranteed.

For G3 Teams: Try and look for meat and stall on the evolvers.

For Double Garp Teams: The lobster is a great unit to stall on. Otherwise push through.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern





Hits for 3,000 ever two turns

Hits for 6,000 every 4 turns.

3 Clash Aokiji - 3 Marines

Normally the stages leading up to a boss just weaken you, this is an exception where you can straight out die on this level if you miss your chain multiplier attacks. If you have a level 1 anti-despair, this level becomes significantly easier.

For F2P Slasher Teams: If you don't have level 1 anti-despair, you'll need near 19,000 health to survive 3 attacks from big marines. You can save some health if you're able to take out the larger marine instead of the small one, but good luck! Otherwise, just take the units out. You'll want to make sure at least one Mihawk is ready in 5 turns upon leaving here, and the other will be ready in 8 turns! Don't worry about health past this stage, you won't need to take any more hits other than a straight 80% HP cut!

For G3 Teams: Hopefully you have level 1 anti-despair. Try and take out 3 units and just brave the 6,100 hit. You'll want to look at your health and your specials here. Anything you want ready for round 3 with Aokiji must have 8 turns left of health before proceeding.

For double Garp: Meh, just attack and move on. Nothing to worry about here other than making sure your Marco has 10 turns of special left in order to survive Aokiji.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Big Marines

Small Marine

Hit for ~6,100 damage

~3,000 damage

Will preemptively lock your captain and despair your captain for one turn.

4 Clash Aokiji - 4 Sea Stallion + Marines

As usual, focus on the Sea Stallion first. Let the units that lock units attack assuming you can still take them out in two rounds. This should buy you 3 rounds.

For F2P Slasher Teams: Leave the QCK and INT unit up while taking out everyone else. Let them lock (assuming you have level 2 anti-lock sockets) and then take them out slowly.

For G3 Teams: Leave the QCK and the STR unit up to lock. Take them out after 2 turns of stalling.

For Double Garp Teams: Leave the INT unit up, and if you brought the Doffy variation you can leave the QCK unit up as well. After two rounds of stalling for no damage, push forward.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Sea Stallion





5 Clash Aokiji - 5 Aokiji Ice Man

You will have 5 rounds of damage to do what you will. We'd recommend using just normal attacks, and saving for a burst round right above his 50% hp mark for turn 5. If you have a level 2 anti-lock, this helps with having a full squad of attacks. This is particularly imperative if you're using a chain multiplier captain like Luffy or Rayleigh. If you have multiple attack boosters that won't stack (Urouge and Impact Usopp), consider using one (the weaker one) during these rounds to get him closer to 50%.

On turn 5, if you don't have enough health, you'll need to heal up to about 8,000hp to survive his attack. The good news is you'll have another 3 rounds to stall.

Once he's above 50% health, activate your orbs, orb boosters, and attack boost and try and burst 2,000,000 damage in this round. If you fail, and he falls below 20%, it's lights out for you as he'll deal 100,000 in damage every turn.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Aokiji Ice Man

4,000,000 hp

Puts up a preemptive immunity for 999 turns.

After a 3 turn cooldown, attacks for 80% of your health.

Loops on a 3 turn cooldown and attacks for ~9,100.

Under 50%, performs a haste and loops on a 1 turn cooldown for just under ~11,520 damage.

Under 20%, attacks for 100,000 on a one-turn cooldown (ouch)!

Team Builder HelperEdit

PSY Characters who Boost Orbs

PSY Characters who Boost Attack

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