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Sadie Cruel and Unsual: Silence




ROOM - Chambres Manual


Ground Death Manual

Jailer Beast Brass Knuckles Manual

Cursed Wail Manual

Big Chop Manual

Barco Grabber Breath Manual

Fiddle Banff Manual

Sadie Cruel and Unsual: Groan

Lowers Striker characters' stats
Sadie Cruel and Unsual: Wail

Lowers Striker and Shooter characters' stats
Sadie Cruel and Unsual: Scream

Lowers stats for all Classes other than Slashers, Boosters, and Evolvers.
On the Offense


  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon clearing all 4 difficulties.
  • Limited-Time Event.
  • All difficulties get a chance to drop the manual or secret boss.
  • The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chance you'll have of getting one of the manual or secret boss to appear.

Drop ratesEdit

  • Do you want to know what are the precise drop chances of a poster or manual? Now you can see them here (for Elite and Expert). Also, please help refine that data by sharing the results of your drops through this form.

How to Beat Chief Jailer Sadie: Cruel and UnusualEdit


General InformationEdit

Sadie isn't too difficult. You'll find any 800+ damage character rainbow team will work as long as you have a descent attack boost character to burst Sadi once she's close to 20% health. Time Delay characters are nice to buy some time but not necessary to win if you have high enough damage to take her out quickly. Mr. 3 is likely a better compromise here then GPU, particularly as she enrages herself every two turns, so any delay for over 1 turn is pretty much wasted.

Mini-boss on stage four is Minikoala, who should not pose much of a challenge. Occasionally you can run into Manticore, which once again shouldn't be a problem. Neither has any special abilities to worry about.

Recommended CaptainsEdit

It is recommended you bring a slasher-based team due to the special conditions of this level. All other types will have their health and damage cut by 90%, meaning if you really want them, it better be for their special.

A double Mihawk team will handle this fortnight just fine but requires perfects/orbs near the end to one-shot her. If you are struggling, use a Hawk+Doffy mixed team, or Double Doffy if necessary, to take her out while giving yourself more health.

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

  • 2 or 3 Time Delay Slashers. Don't bring Usopp as the every two turn enrage will make his 3 turn delay pointless.
  • Slasher Attack boosters
  • Orb Boosters
  • Brook Cherry Blossom Melody: Another limited rare pull, but if you have him his 18 turn cooldown can be used and a descend attack for QCK slasher attacks against Koala.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea: If you have him on a lower cooldown, bring him as he will be an immense help for a burst round. Otherwise, don't bother as there are other slashers that will work and can have specials that you actually can use in battle.
  • Maelstrom Spider Squard: A great orb booster for PSY teams.

Recommended TeamsEdit

Free to Play Speed Slasher Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0601F0425F0204F0766 F0227 Coffin Boat
  • Coffin Boat MAX
  • Mihawk's special 26 or less
  • Time Delayers are for Sadi and Koala
  • Any high damage PSY slasher
    can replace Ryuma

Free to Play Safe Slasher Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0601F0425F0204F0766 F0418 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • Thousand Sunny MAX
  • No specials are necessary
  • Time Delayers are for Sadi and Koala. You can probably replace one with a beatstick, since Doffy will allow you to take more hits.
  • Any high damage PSY slasher
    can replace Ryuma. If needed, non-PSY slashers like Arlong will work too.

15 Stamina Elite Ranking ChallengeEdit

In the Extra Island quest Sadie Cruel and Unusual: Scream aim for the Ranking High Score, as given by Cre Lineup x Battle Results.

No one knows the exact formula, but basically beat this level in as few turns as possible. The F2P Slasher options for PSY at the time of this release are limited. Preferably, your F2P team will be a MAX level Hawk Eyes Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea, T-Bone, Urouge, Shanks Roger Pirates, with a friend Hawk Eyes Mihawk. You can pass the gold challenge if you clear the level in at least 13 rounds.

Other characters that work include:

PSY SlashersEdit

30 Stamina WalkthroughEdit

Chief Jailer Sadie - 30 Stamina F2P Slasher Team OPTC

Chief Jailer Sadie - 30 Stamina F2P Slasher Team OPTC

Most Mid to High-level teams should be able to clear this level without an issue. Lower level teams with 800+ damage should be just fine if they have some time delay characters and a damage booster for slasher teams

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Sadi - 1 Grunts + Porcs

Great round to get porcs. Kill off the enemies slowly but take no damage.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



2 Sadi - 2 Grunts + Evolvers

Kill off the grunts and stall on the evolvers.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Grunts + Evolvers



3 Sadi - 3 Grunts + Evolvers

Kill off the grunts and stall on the evolvers.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Grunts + Evolvers



4 Sadi - 4 Minokoala

Use Mr. 3 Extra Special Candelabra to delay an attack if you have his cooldown ready and you can finish him off with the next round. Finish your attack chains with your QCK slashers.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



Minokoala starts with a 1 to 3 turn cooldown. He will hit for 3,115 damage, and repeat this pattern every 2 turns.

5 Sadi - 5 Grunts + Evolvers

Kill off the grunts and stall on the evolvers.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Grunts + Crab




Has initial Cooldown of 1-3. Attacks for 1100 every 7 turns after.

6 Sadi - 6 Giants + Evolvers

Kill off the grunts and stall on the evolvers.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Giants + Evolvers



7 Sadi - 7 Sadie Impel Down Chief Jailer + Grunts

Sadi will preemptively put up a defense debuff for 999 turns.

Activate both of your Mihawk specials. The grunts are surprisingly quite tanky and you will probably be able to take out only 2 without Mihawk.

After the first turn, Sadi-chan will enrage the whole team which will put up an attack buff that lasts 1 round, and reduces everyone's turn cooldown to 1. She will attack every turn and put up the buff every two turns. Use a time delay character after she enrages. This will outlast here damage boost (3,200 damage instead of 4,014 damage).

Keep hitting her until she is close to 20% health. If you go another two rounds without getting her close to 20% and she enrages, activate your second time delay character to again out-wait the enrage attack boost and continue to attack her.

When she falls below 20% health, she will heal back up to 75% health. As a result, it's recommended to stop right above 20% and prepare a burst round. Activate your attack booster. If you have a single color booster, you can activate these, but they will not stack with Daz Bones, Convict Mr. 1's attack boost. Oddly enough, Sadie's special can actually stack with regular attack boosts. So if Sadie is on a defense reduction, using Sadie against her self, along with an orb booster and an attack booster, can really cause a lot of damage.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Sadie Impel Down Chief Jailer + Grunts


Sadie will put up a preemptive defense buff for 999 turns.

She will follow a loop of enrage her team, and then wait a round. On the second round she attacks for 4,014 damage (3,200 if she is delayed and her attack buff wears off). Repeat loop.

When she falls below 20%, she will heal back to 75% health. However, she will only perform a heal one time, so the second time she falls below 20%, she will not heal herself.

Secret Stage Sadi - Secret Manticore

They seem intimidating but their health is really low. Kill off all the 1 attack turn units, and finish the rest on your second turn.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern



Each will hit for 1465 and have a 1 turn Cooldown.

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Slasher who are also STR Characters

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